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Who we are – Who makes up the Suriano Studio team?

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The Suriano Studio is an associated studio that originated over 50 years ago through the collaboration of experienced professionals:

Suriano Riccardo, Suriano Andrea, Suriano Vincenzo, and Suriano Rosanna.

Currently, the team comprises more than 16 members, including chartered accountants, labor and business consultants, and collaborators. Each member specializes in various professional fields to ensure an integrated and multidisciplinary service, including a strong presence in the territory and international correspondents in Albania.

The Suriano Studio, based in Andria, is dedicated to providing a wide range of services for both businesses and individuals. Our mission is to transform and modernize the traditional role of an accountant.

We constantly strive to better understand the needs of our clients, continuously improving the quality and diversification of the services and consultancy we offer. We recognize the challenges of the new economic landscape in which we operate and aim to go beyond the traditional services of an accountant. In addition to corporate assistance, tax consultancy, accounting maintenance, and labor consultancy, we aim to support entrepreneurs through the role of a business consultant.

Financial Analysis

We believe that financial statement analysis and business planning are crucial for addressing economic evolution and increasing competition. This requires greater awareness and foresight, and we are here to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in this process. With our diverse professional expertise, including chartered accountants, business consultants, labor consultants, and legal professionals, we offer an interdisciplinary approach to fully support the needs of our clients.

Here is an overview of our main services:

Consultancy: We provide tax, accounting, corporate, and management consultancy services for a variety of clients, including professionals, sole proprietorships, companies, associations, and public entities. We guarantee targeted and high-quality assistance.

Active Collaboration: Using advanced technologies, we promote active collaboration with our clients, streamlining their tax compliance and ensuring greater promptness in assistance. This allows us to dedicate more time to their needs and constantly monitor the economic performance of their activities.

Management Control: We support our clients in the development of their businesses by implementing business performance verification systems to help them create efficient and effective operations and constantly monitor results.

Banking Risk Analysis: We offer services for analyzing data from the banking risk database, providing comprehensive reports with alerts for any anomalies or critical issues.

Startups: We support innovative startups from the establishment phase.

Other Services: In addition to traditional tax consultancy, we provide advice for subsidized funding calls, labor consultancy, trademark and patent consultancy, and IT solutions. Our website is regularly updated with the latest developments in our areas of interest.

Our Resources

The strength of our studio lies in an efficient internal structure, highly qualified external collaborations, the constant adoption of advanced technologies, and continuous training. Our main goal is to provide high-quality management solutions that constantly adapt to evolving regulations.

Today, the Suriano Studio is a multidisciplinary structure with a team of professionals specialized in a wide range of sectors. Thanks to our synergistic collaborations with experts in various disciplines, we can address the specific challenges of our clients and offer them personalized solutions.

Our mission is to become protagonists in the economic growth of the Southern Italy, working closely with our clients to enhance their ability to create value, manage risk, and improve business performance. We respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, ensuring compliance with laws and professional standards.


Over the years, driven by the desire for development and professional growth, as well as to ensure high service standards, the Suriano Studio has often collaborated with various partners to further guarantee the quality of our consultancy. This has contributed to creating a consolidated network of integrated professional expertise.

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