Labour consulting

Commercialista in Andria

Labour consulting area

The professionals of the labour area offer complete assistance to companies during the establishment, development and termination of employment relationships, thanks to the preventive study of the business and the company sector in order to guarantee a correct classification for contractual, social security and insurance purposes.

We provide complete support in the stipulation of employment contracts and in the creation of budget estimates for the assessment of Labour costs; we offer job consultancy throughout the contractual process of employees with particular attention to the dynamics of the relationship.

We offer assistance and advice in the context of extraordinary corporate transactions, in the implementation of corporate welfare projects, in the stipulation of agreements with trade unions.

In the event of termination of the employment relationship, we offer assistance for the termination of the contract and, in case of a dispute, thanks to the contribution and comparison with the legal area of our firm, we offer advice both in the out-of-court phase and in the judicial one.

Studio Suriano, thanks to the use of advanced and interactive software with customers, offers a complete pay-roll service, ensuring the fulfillment of all the monthly and annual obligations required by law.

Particular attention is also paid to the social security area for which we offer the study, reconstruction and planning of individual social security positions of employees and self-employed.